Vintage lamp buy online

Lamps & Lighting Fixtures For that Personal Buying  Sometimes, a client is looking for one piece or a few for personal home decoration. As we are a factory for the lamp wholesale business and not always have lamps in stock for retail, in order to work out such cases, we spend time making a list from Amazon, which can serve this kind of client. Hope that helps and enjoy your online shopping. Check them out and add to the cart if you like, make collections for comparison.If you are an owner of a furniture company or lighting store, welcome your wholesale [...]

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Golden Sun Lamps Collection

The Sun Collection gold lamp lighting series gives an atmospheric look to your interior. Each gold lamp of the sun collection has a special hemisphere placed over the light source. This makes the light shine on the rough inside of the lamp and gives a special atmosphere, where you do not look directly into the light source.   Check more items here for gold floor lamp; gold table lamp; gold pendant light and gold hanglamp.   You can make them different from our current designs with your creative ideas. Show your great concepts and welcome your DIY. Contact us [...]

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